AWSI 2017 Board of Directors Election

If you're a member then you get to vote!  The Board of Directors are the people who shape the purpose and direction for AWSI. Members will be emailed the form and the voting process will conclude April 11, 2017.  Join us here at AWSI and be a part of community.


2017 Candidates

Nathan Patterson

I am fortunate enough to say that the direction of my career was changed by the sport of kiteboarding. During a wonderful experience in the Florida Keys with the Otherside, I was introduced to a lifestyle that allowed me to truly enjoy my work. Throughout my life, I've taken a few different directions - from a brief stint in the recording industry, to litigation support in Chicago and New York, to Pryde Group in Miami. I found my current position to be a supercharged version of my childhood job - retail in the outdoor industry. During my tenure at MACkite, we've experienced some amazing successes and learned greatly from our mistakes, creating one of the most dynamic and exceptional environments I've seen. The team we've developed also happens to be some of my best friends - a rarity, for sure!

My background and perspective allows me to see an industry in its infancy, and I'm most excited to be a part of it's continued growth. This growth, however, is contingent on an industry that understands how to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for it's participants. I feel that as a retailer, I am able to speak on behalf of a large amount of our community and effectively voice their concerns and opinions.

As AWSI-related sports continue to expand, I hope to be able to continue to shape the direction to allow for many more to experience the same opportunity that I was able, and have their lives changed by things they love.


Mike Duhaime

I grew up and spent most of my life in Orlando, FL.  In Florida I really got into wakeboarding, skateboarding and surfing until I learned how to kite in 2007.  I was a kite instructor for about a year and eventually it lead me to the Gorge to work at a ski resort and attempt to break into the kiteboarding industry.  I was able to get a position with Naish Kiteboarding packing boxes and now I am the Kiteboarding Sales Manager for North America and I love my job!   I also am on the Board of Directors for the Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association and have a passion for Kiteboarding, SUP, and all other boardsports.  Being involved with the ASWI is a great chance to create more relationships in the industry while supporting a great organization that advocates the advancement of the sports I love.


Dan Schwarz


I've been involved in the SUP/windsport world for over 10 glorious years now.  Currently working as a sales rep for Boards & More (North Kiteboarding, Ion, Fanatic, North Sails) I came to this industry through the normal route: starting as a camp counselor before becoming a bouncer then landscape architect, moving on to Wall St as an options specialist, naturally progressing to kiteboarding instructor and shop manager before settling down with a family in Hood River and finally achieving my dream of becoming a member of the AWSI BOD.  Highlights of this meteoric rise include sailing from New York to San Diego, marrying my roommate, creating three small humans, and meeting just about every kiter on the West Coast.  I look forward to using my experience as a board member to expand the scope of what the AWSI can do for members and wind/water sports enthusiasts throughout North America.



Pete DeKay

Pete DeKay is the publisher/editor of Windsurfing Now Magazine, which is entering it’s third year of being the voice of windsurfing for North America. Prior to this he was the editor of Windsport Magazine for eight years. Over 20-years ago he got his start working in the windsurfing industry as an instructor for ABK Boardsports, touring the US and Caribbean teaching thousands of students over a nine-year span. Pete is now living in the Great Lakes region and is looking forward to learning the ropes of wind foiling.


Brett Zachar

Growing up in New York and coming from a business background, Brett relocated to sunny Florida in 2006 to begin his kiteboarding career. Starting as an instructor, he later opened his own successful retail shop, 321 Kiteboarding. Currently, he is the US importer for Core Kiteboarding. His favorite color is blue, he's a Taurus, enjoys pina coladas, and long walks down the beach. Brett prefers a, think outside the box, type of approach to business and is excited to have an opportunity to assist the AWSI and the kite community.